How does your environment affect you? What is the impact of the people around you on your health and state of mind?

Do you manage to stay centered? Focused?

To preserve your energy?

Without succumbing to influence? Control by others? Their fear?

There is little chance that you can answer “Yes” to all these questions.

Because the world constantly demands our attention, maintaining focus on our primary intentions turns out to be very challenging.

And yet…

It is vital to ask ourselves:

. What are our resources?
· What are our weaknesses?
· What fears are preventing us from moving forward?
· What burdens do not belong to us?
· What are our internal blockages?

Equally Vital to know why we are here:

· What are our most beautiful resources?
· To what extent are we capable of being happy and free?
· What are our hidden potentials?

Vital aussi de savoir ce qu’on fait là…
Comprendre qui nous accompagne…

In order to understand…

· Our way of acting and interacting with our surroundings, our family, our partner,

· Our environment and our influence on it,

· But also, our life companion and their needs!

To better know oneself and live more peacefully…

It is hence natural to wonder:

· Who am I in my relationships? In my work?
. What are my needs?
· What is my contribution?

· Am I in the right place?
· What would be the most suitable environment for who I am?

A quoi pense-t-il ?
A quoi pense-t-il ?

But also…

· What is my animal trying to tell me through its repetitive behaviors and insistent looks?
· What is it trying to bring to me?
· What does it think about its environment and me?
· Is it happy?

All these questions can find an answer through energy.

Our ego and our mind don’t know how to do it, but our intuition KNOWS.

For over 50 years, we have been working on grasping, reading, capturing information in energy.Today, anyone can read this information. You just need to be guided by a good trainer, and in a few weeks, you can read the information in a simple, clear, and fast way.

Why? Because you are already doing it!

It’s called intuition… but in a much more advanced form.
Closing the door to our intuition is like cutting off the dialogue with what surrounds us.

Here, I suggest going against the grain and listening to what is invisible to our eyes: energy.

Energetic tools are at your disposal:

La connexion animale : la compagnie de votre compagnon n’est pas un hasard !

Flash contact: the answer to your question!

Ask me a question about yourself or your animal.


La connexion animale : la compagnie de votre compagnon n’est pas un hasard !

Animal connection: the presence of your companion is not a coincidence!

By connecting to your animal, it is possible to truly communicate with them, to understand why they accompany you in life and what they seek to bring to you every day.


Le scan : vos questions ont une réponse !

Therapeutic scan: your questions have an answer!

By connecting to your energy, I can explore your functioning in your environment, as well as potential blockages. Answers are provided, along with solutions in the form of simple and concrete actions to help you overcome these blockages.

Starting from 150€

What they thought about it

Guardian of Maki 🐶

« Thanks to Chloé’s connection with my dog, I was able to get answers regarding certain behaviors that were difficult for me to interpret. This allowed me to understand her and find satisfying and lasting solutions.

Moreover, and most importantly, Chloé’s work is precise and rich in information. It enables making connections with one’s own situation and progressing more effectively on one’s path.

Ultimately, more than just communication with the animal, it is, for those willing to listen, a communication with oneself that takes place»

Scan with Noémie

«loved the experience of the therapeutic scan with Chloé. I felt calm and very comfortable! I got answers to my questions, and I also learned to discover a part of my personality. »

Guardian of Kiki 🦜

« The connection you made for Kiki and me revealed that I was confusing fear/worry with love. I thought I was protecting Kiki, and therefore loving him, by being afraid for him.

It also revealed Kiki’s incredible resilience in facing predators. I treated Kiki as my child, and the connection made me take a quantum leap from mourning the relationship I had built because it invited me to give Kiki the freedom of choice.

I sincerely thank you again for your invaluable help at that time, which was precious for both me and Kiki. »

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