My intense love for animals and understanding of their behavior, coupled with my curiosity, led me to complete my academic journey with a Ph.D. in behavioral ecology in hand. Given my background, it is not surprising that I describe myself as someone who enjoys delving deep into the intricacies of things.

These years of study and the demands of the Ph.D. have allowed me to refine my meticulous, rigorous, and structured approach, while experience has taught me that every question has an answer if approached with the right energy.

… While research constantly urges us to avoid falling into the trap of anthropomorphism, the connection with animals has shown me that by seeking to absolutely avoid it, we end up asserting that only humans possess a psyche. Where research and these energetic tools align is in avoiding any form of interpretation, simply taking the information as it is, without distorting it.


So, how does a scientist find herself immersed in the world of energy?

I’ll admit it: I initially had doubts!

My curiosity, my desire to understand, and my pragmatism led me to choose to experience it for myself! I tested these tools, I “put them to the test”. Most importantly, I tested myself through training and my own experiences, where I had to be willing to receive information from the intangible and ensure its accuracy.

Letting go of my rational mind allowed me to honestly observe and feel what was happening within me and around me as I underwent these experiences. It is undeniable that… I have since immersed myself in it and accepted that I am just as much a scientist as I am a person open to the world of the intangible.

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