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Before the connection …


Once your reservation made, an email will be sent to you inviting you to ask your questions (maximum of 3) regarding your companion.

Once your questions received, a written feedback will be sent to you within 7 business days. You hence don’t have to do anything else…

The connection will take place without your presence and doesn’t require your companion to be particularly calm. I connect to its energy remotely.

La connexion animale : la compagnie de votre compagnon n’est pas un hasard !

You are wondering how it’s possible to connect with your companion remotely and without seeing them?

Believe it or not, you can do it too! It starts by relearning to trust our feelings! Take the time to recall all those times when you thought: I knew it /  I don’t feel it / I have a strange feeling / oh, I was just thinking about you! / ah, I had a feeling something was wrong…

We are all connected… more or less consciously!

All it takes is some training and allowing yourself to feel and receive the information.

How is the report composed? 

 It is divided into three parts.

. I start by giving the floor to your companion. The goal is to provide space for them to express who they are and what is important to them. During this first part, I will take the time to explore with them if there are any questions or topics they would like to address.

. In the second part, I will ask them your questions.

. Finally, I will conclude with a “surprise” question to end the connection.

A quoi pense-t-il ?

Throughout the connection, I remain open to any potential questions that may arise from your companion’s responses. I enjoy delving deeper and establishing a real dialogue to provide you with the most comprehensive and clear report !

You want to take the plunge but doubt whether your companion has anything to say?

I will let you read some quelques extraits de connexions réalisées…

Que fais-tu avec ta gardienne ?
Nout shows me the house, downhill, secluded and closed. She shows me that she came to open doors, to let in fresh air, bring renewal, but also to open the doors of her guardian’s heart. She says: « When you are anchored in patterns, thoughts, then energy no longer flows. I came to bring movement. I had to be a bit intrusive (in the house) because it’s a real fortress (her house and her heart). I wanted to show her that she could let someone in (to her house and her heart) and love them even if she thought she could never love someone like that (in terms of the person’s identity). By opening up, we surprise ourselves, learn, and grow in our experiences. Of course, it had to be a cat to show her that she was more allergic to the idea of ​​opening up and letting someone into her heart than allergic to me (a cat). Now, we have created a soft and sweet bond. » Nout 🐱

Why are you incarnated as a cat?
I feel Moustache amused, and he says to me:  « Well, that’s what I embody! An independence lived in serenity. I am comfortable with myself. I don’t need distraction. I am me, and I complete myself. That’s what cats embody. »
Given this independence that Moustache talks about, I ask him (out of pure interest, I must say) how he perceives the notion of a guardian. « It’s abstract and a thought that is very human like. I am my own guardian, and my life is filled with encounters. » He also tells me that his guardian is as independent as he is, and it works well. Moustache 🐱

Enzo’s guardian is worried that her dog may absorb her illnesses :
« No one forces me to do anything. It’s my duty, my role, it’s who I am. Why limit my functioning because guilt arises? Guilt is one of the poisons of today’s world: it hinders, limits, compares, belittles. It does not elevate. It does not expand. Yet, that’s what needs to be done. There is no need to worry about me: I know what I’m doing and what I want to accomplish. I contribute. Every being should grant themselves this freedom of contribution. » Enzo 🐶

What is your relationship with humans?
Ora’s response 🐶 : « Humans are complicated. It’s not surprising that almost everyone turns to us (animals) as life companions. They hide behind excuses about our presence when really we bring them everything they dare not offer themselves. We are simplifiers of life. We are unique beings with our own desires and ideas. Reducing us to pets is not understanding, hearing, and acknowledging our full power. We also have a lot to offer. We want to show them how much feelings, emotions, and ego don’t need to take up so much space and power over their own decisions. Being in the present moment is enough.»

Mango’s response 🐱 : « They intrigue me. They seem so strong, yet so disturbed always questioning themselves and never really listening. I don’t fear them; I just don’t understand their mentality while I remain a bit on my own. I like to make them laugh to remind them not to be so serious. »

The benefits that you and your companion draw

I will let you have a look at what guardians and companions had to say about it…

Cécile – Guardian of Maki 🐶

« Thanks to Chloe’s connection with my dog, I was able to get answers regarding certain behaviors that were difficult for me to interpret. This allowed me to understand her and find satisfying and lasting solutions.

Moreover, and most importantly, Chloe’s work is precise and rich in information. It enables making connections with one’s own situation and progressing more effectively on one’s path. Ultimately, more than just communication with the animal, it is, for those willing to listen, a communication with oneself that takes place. »


Ora 🐶 – Erik’s dog

What do you think about him reading this connection? « I am so happy about it. Finally, humans actively and consciously build bridges between them and us. We are an infinite source of sweetness, love, and kindness. Our knowledge is also unlimited. Recognizing this in us is starting to admit and perceive your own potential. I am happy to be heard and happy that Erik reads what I say. It strengthens our bond, reinforces understanding, respect, and the love we have for each other. It also tells him that I see him for who he really is, without him being able to hide, and in return, I show him that I am always by his side. So, let him do the same with those around him: let him show himself, reveal himself. We will always be here. »

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