A burning question in your mind?

Flash contact provides the guidance you need!

How does it work?

Flash contact involves gathering as much information as possible in a short duration to provide you with simple, precise, and effective insights. It’s condensed!

Depending on your question, therapeutic scan or animal connection is used to precisely identify the blockage behind your query, its origin, and provide a concrete solution to implement.

La connexion animale : la compagnie de votre compagnon n’est pas un hasard !

How to proceed?

Once the payment made, an email will be sent so that you can send me your question.

Once received, you will get your answer within 5 business days in the form of a written report.

Flash contact is for you if…

 You want to:
· confirm a decision, an idea, or a feeling
· gain insights into a problem
·  have an initial direction for working on a topic
. know what your energy, or that of your companion, has to say to you, not your/their mind.


A quoi pense-t-il ?

What they thought about it

Guardian of Maki 🐶

« Thanks to Chloe’s connection with my dog, I was able to get answers regarding certain behaviors that were difficult for me to interpret. This allowed me to understand her and find satisfying and lasting solutions.

Moreover, and most importantly, Chloe’s work is precise and rich in information. It enables making connections with one’s own situation and progressing more effectively on one’s path.

Ultimately, more than just communication with the animal, it is, for those willing to listen, a communication with oneself that takes place. »

Guardian of Nova 🐱

« It was a big first for us. The experience of connecting with Nova was surprising and moving. We were pleasantly surprised by her wisdom, tranquility, and some of her responses reassured us. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on this type of experience, we are forced to admit that certain truths emerged. It was a bit destabilizing for us at times, but Chloe’s delivery was respectful and delicate.

We see our animal in a slightly different light since then because, in the end, we never imagine enough what they know about us and what we can learn from them.

I was very touched during the reading of your report, and I thank you for this experience 🙂 I will not hesitate to recommend a session with you to people in my circle.

Best wishes! »

Guardian of Kiki 🦜

« The connection you made for Kiki and me revealed that I was confusing fear/worry with love. I thought I was protecting Kiki, and therefore loving him, by being afraid for him.

It also revealed Kiki’s incredible resilience in facing predators. I treated Kiki as my child, and the connection made me take a quantum leap from mourning the relationship I had built because it invited me to give Kiki the freedom of choice.

I sincerely thank you again for your invaluable help at that time, which was precious for both me and Kiki. »

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