Therapeutic scan: a unique approach that suits you 100%!

The human being is not limited to the materiality, physiology, or biology of the body. In addition to the body, there is a complexity of emotions, feelings, thoughts, reflections, consciousness…

Therefore, we are a physical and energetic being, where this energy is the information that I am beyond what is seen of me.

The therapeutic scan gives a voice to your energetic being, telling you what you need to hear in that moment.


« What lies behind us, and what lies before us are, but tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what lies within us out into the world, miracles happen. »
Henry Stanley Haskins

What scan offers you:

. The possibility to examine your functioning, understanding how energy circulates in your body, revealing the messages it seeks to convey.

. The opportunity to put words to your energetic blockages/potentials/functioning, as well as their origins!

. Following this, concrete actions are proposed to establish a more beneficial movement in your energy.

By applying these actions, it is your mindset that changes, transforming your energy and the information it carries, allowing you to regain a better balance.

Vital aussi de savoir ce qu’on fait là…


 z. « Body » Scan: focused on the energy circulating in your body. (45 minutes, 150€)

. « Guidance/contacts » Scan: focused on your guidance, meaning that energies that accompany you (contacts) as well as the energies representing your family descendance. This scan seeks to provide valuable insights into what brings you into this incarnation. (45 minutes, 150€)

. « Complete » Scan: « body » and « guidance/contacts » scan. (1 heure, 180€)

. « Integral » Scan:  « Complete +++ » scan . (1 heure 30, 240€)

Le scan : vos questions ont une réponse !

This experience is for you if:

·You want to better understand your relationship with others, your environment, or even yourself.

. You don’t understand why you can’t lose weight.

. You want to understand the meaning of an illness, a blockage, or a repetitive pattern.

. You’re looking to understand your contribution in this world.

. You’d like to know your potentials and how to unleash them.

. You’d like to understand your sensitivity.

This experience is not for you if:

· You already believe you know yourself 100%.

. You are not ready to implement the provided actions/solutions.

. You are looking for a miraculous cure and solution.

After this experience…

• You will know yourself better.
• Your relationship with yourself will be more gentle and tolerant.
• You will better understand your reactions.
• You will thank yourself for taking this time for you.

Your blockages are only unexpressed potentials! It’s up to you to transform them…

What they thought about it


« I loved the experience of the therapeutic scan with Chloé. I felt calm and very comfortable! I got answers to my questions, and I also learned to discover a part of my personality. »


« Chloé’s welcome was very warm, and from the beginning of the scan, what she “perceived” about me was accurate. I appreciated her advice at the end to feel better; it was a beautiful experience. 🙂 »

Mélissa P.

« My scan in a few words:

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your kindness and the light you radiate. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but your smile, gentle voice, and aura quickly put me at ease. For that, I thank you.

My scan was a parade of beautiful information that I knew, and I am still amazed that you managed to see so much about me even though we had never met. I have taken note of your methods for improvement (by the way, I need more chocolate 😉), and I enjoy listening to our conversation again.

Thank you again for this beautiful experience.

Advice to anyone interested in this technique or wanting to undergo a scan: Chloe is the ideal person to experience this. Let her do her work, trust her, and let go – it’s pure happiness.😇 »

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